England – 16/09/2011 – A day in the life of an Animal Talent Agency soon shows you why the old adage never work with children or animals has some truth in it.

Years ago your average animal talent agency would be searching around for work and would only be asked to work with a small range of animals. Now they are inundated with work and they have to work with every kind of animal you can think of. This makes for a frenetic, challenging and very interesting work environment.

Not only are they inundated with work offers a lot of their time is spent dealing with members of the public who believe their pooch or gerbils have special talents. Sometimes, of course, they are right and they can be listed on their books, but most of the time the dependability of their beloved pet has been overstated by the owner, to say the least. To an animal talent agency it is all in a day’s work, as is being called by animal charities for advice on caring for an unusual animal that has been in an accident. The logic being that if the animal agency cannot advice them they will know someone who owns that particular animal that can help.

The Modern Animal Talent Agency

One day the modern animal talent agency will be providing a horse to model for a hat the next they will be providing a red deer with full antlers for an advertising shot. Given that a red deer with full antlers has to be in full rut and is a big animal with only one thing on its mind, they are not only be hard to control they can be downright dangerous. The staff of an animal talent agency breathes a sigh of relief when someone rings them up and asks for a good old fashioned flea circus.

Today’s animal talent agency is expected to provide fully trained, mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and occasionally insects. They work with the film industry, the music industry, advertising agencies, photographers, animal performers, event managers, charities and individual companies. They also take care of things like health and safety, animal welfare and insurance. This means the more experienced agencies such as www.a-zanimals.co.uk are getting the lion’s share of the work.


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