UK based telecommunications company ‘GP Telecom’ provides small businesses with the Avaya phone systems previously reserved for large enterprises.

Every business, whether aspiring to greatness or already there, is in need of a decent phone system. Phone systems help businesses conduct successful communications and operations, while also sparing unnecessary cost. Traditionally, however, the more technologically advanced phone systems, like the Avaya phone systems, have tended to be too pricey for most modest businesses, placing them in the reach of only the affluent large enterprises, which subsequently enjoy an unfair advantage over their smaller counterparts.

However, British telecommunications firm GP Telecom has now come to the aid of the smaller companies, in providing them with the high-tech Avaya phone systems, like the Avaya 4630 IP Screenphone. Avaya phone systems boast numerous features invaluable to businesses, including computer integrated telephony, voicemail, remote LAN access and high speed Internet access. No wonder this is an award-winning telephone system!

A high-tech phone system

GP Telecom hope to draw on the over 100 years of experience in the telecommunications industry amassed by Avaya, thus helping to provide businesses with the most appropriate phone system solution. Businesspeople can opt to work from home with Avaya phone systems, and also instantly access their phone system regardless of the location. These businesspeople using Avaya phone systems can also use conference calling from any location, or log into another phone system network and use their own personal number.

A spokesperson for GP Telecom stated: “Most businesses regularly endeavour to increase their customer base while keeping their existing customers happy, but are often under pressure to do so while keeping costs low. We are delighted that we will help relieve many small businesses of much of this burden through providing them with the cutting edge Avaya phone systems that large enterprises have already long been using with great success.”

It appears a wise business move by GP Telecom, given that the high-tech features of Avaya phone systems should become more commonplace in future, and thus more readily available to the small businesses that GP Telecom are now targeting. Furthermore, that more and more people, including businesspeople, now turn to the World Wide Web (WWW) in seeking cheap but high quality phone systems should help to further strengthen the hand of companies like GP Telecom.