England – 6/15/2011

UK fitness club chain ‘DW Fitness’ promises ‘quality and value’ in its roster of fitness clubs located throughout more than sixty towns and cities nationwide.

Many people across the UK enjoy the pastime of keeping fit. Not only does it help them increase their fitness and physical appearance, inviting a host of random compliments, many acts of exercise can be imminently enjoyable themselves, and have a noticeable therapeutic effect. Better still is exercising in a gym at a fitness club, where it is possible to meet new people and develop camaraderie with them, while the increased element of competition can spur on gym regulars beyond what they would often achieve alone.

The staggering nationwide roster of fitness clubs developed over the years by British firm DW Fitness is intended to cater for the needs of these people. Membership of one DW Fitness club equals membership of them all, meaning that gym regulars can save on membership fees while continuing to enjoy the state of the art facilities and top of the range equipment throughout both the gym and group exercise studios of the average DW Fitness club.

So many positives for gym regulars

This merely hints at the extent of the boons for gym regulars of joining one of the more than 60 DW Fitness clubs across the country. They can also, for instance, try out functional training, and turn to the services of some of the country’s best personal trainers. They can similarly use the gym to follow a training programme tailored to their unique preferences and requirements, making it easier to blast that fat or build that muscle.

A DW Fitness spokesperson stated: “Our customers deserve the best, and they certainly get it with all the great qualities of our fitness clubs. We have over 60 throughout the country, which are based in major towns and cities including Leeds, Belfast and Bristol, and all have the sophisticated fitness facilities and gym equipment necessary for effective but affordable workouts.”

Use of the World Wide Web (WWW) by people looking for local fitness clubs to join has only increased in recent years. Given the substantial number of DW Fitness clubs right across the country, and the associated affordable membership fees, membership of DW Fitness clubs should only increase in the foreseeable future.