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City Night Line

City Night Line takes travellers across Europe by night. Indeed travellers can conveniently travel by overnight trains to the most beautiful cities in Europe. City Night Line is ideal whether one is travelling alone, as a couple, with the whole family or with friends. Sleep while travelling and waking up at your destination, rested and refreshed! Both tourists and businessmen alike choose the City Night Line, be it for shopping, sightseeing or for a meeting. Travellers can choose between a couchette and a seated coach, whichever way, they will travel relaxed.

The great thing about City Night Line is that the trains take you right to the city centre. No time wasting for waiting for a taxi! On board the City Night Line, you can choose to have your breakfast and a wake-up service. Of course, the bar and dining car offers a great way to relax and enjoy the fine cuisine on board. With the City Night Line, travellers can reach major European cities such as Amsterdam, Munich, Copenhagen, Zurich, Rome, Paris, Prague and Dresden.

Thanks to City Night Line, Amsterdam will no longer be unfamiliar. The city is easily explored by foot or bicycle. The magnificent view of the Alps is just one of the many reasons to visit Munich. Stepping off in the city centre of Zurich, a stroll along Lake Zurich will reveal the idyllic charm of the city. Discover more than two millenniums of history in Rome with the City Night Line and Rail Europe. Experience the romantic city of Paris and don’t miss the Golden city of Prague. In short, the City Night Line is one of the few overnight trains that make it possible to save money while travelling! And as of 2013, City Night Line trains will operate a new route: Milan to/from Munich.

Travellers are advised that due to ongoing engineering works, CNL trains from/ to France will not be running from 25th January to 25th February 2013.

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