The different types of fireplaces available include electric, gas and wood fireplaces. Here, we give more details on five great fireplaces that will keep your home warm this winter.

Wood burning fireplaces are the most conventional fireplace type and provide plenty of much needed warmth during the colder months. However, they can also be laborious to maintain, as you will need a constant supply of wood in addition to having to clean the fireplace regularly. There are various types of wood burning heaters: these include masonry fireplaces, central furnaces, standard fireplaces, free-standing stoves and fireplace inserts.

Coal is another good fuel and appliances using it require similar maintenance to those that burn wood.  It is important to clean the ash out regularly and to clean the glass and gasket surfaces. Electric fireplaces are also highly popular type of fireplace. It is possible to operate them with a remote control and no harmful substances are emitted from them.

Special, convenient to use gelled alcohol fuel fireplaces are also available. Gelled ethanol fuel is an indoor and outdoor heat source for fireplaces. It burns clean and does not have the toxic fumes and unpleasant odours that other gelled and liquid alcohol fuels often have. These fireplaces are highly portable and do not need a chimney, vent or flue. They burn gelled ethanol fuel with a heat efficiency of 100% and they also do not create an “after fire” drain of heat up a chimney, nor is any smoke, ash or soot produced: instead, only harmless carbon dioxide is emitted by the gelled ethanol fuel.

Gas fireplaces are another increasingly popular fireplace type and are also low-maintenance. They are affordable and easy to use and maintain. A wide selection of energy-efficient gas fireplaces is available to choose from that will allow you to have cheap gas this winter.  They can be installed quite easily in a room of your choice. They are usually cleaner than conventional wood burning fireplaces. You do not need to lug in wood, so you won’t find yourself littering the floor and hearth with wood chips and bark plus there is no ash to regularly scoop out and dispose of. You also do not have to worry about burning logs falling off the grate or sparkling embers landing on the floor. A gas fireplace can also be turned off completely before you go out or go to bed, so you do not need to wait for the fire to burn out or to worry about putting it out yourself.

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