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November 2012 – A real estate investment trust (REIT), is a type of tax investment vehicle which allows individuals or corporations to invest in real estate.


Retail REITs make up the largest percentage of all REIT schemes, standing at 24% as of 2012. Almost all malls in America are owned by REITs. If you are considering purchasing a retail REIT, then you should first consider the current state of the retail industry, the location and cash flow of the mall, and its current tenancy rate.

Residential REITs cover large apartment blocks and manufactured housing developments. The most profitable residential REITs are generally found in popular urban centers, such as New York and LA.

Office REITs focus solely on investing in office buildings. If you are looking at investing in an office REIT, you should consider the current vacancy rate, the employment rates, and how much capital they currently have to purchase new property.

Healthcare REITs have an investment portfolio that includes hospitals, medical centers, and nursing homes. Before acquiring healthcare REITs, you should first check the state of the healthcare system in your country. The success of a healthcare REIT is directly correlated to the healthcare industry and funding in your area.

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