UK Homeowners Using Home Improvements to Make Their Homes More Energy Efficient


England 15/2/2013 – UK property owners are spending less on general DIY and home improvements. Instead, they are focusing on projects that help to reduce their bills.

The recession has had a big impact on the day-to-day life of everyone in the UK. Most people really have to stop and think about how much they are spending far more than they once did. As a consequence, they are spending less on things like DIY and home improvements, so DIY stores and websites are seeing fewer shoppers. However, websites like are, to some extent, bucking this trend.

Safe n Secure sells double glazing and replacement doors and windows. They are benefitting from the fact that consumers know that replacing a drafty window or door or installing double-glazing will pay for itself in reduced fuel bills.

Heat loss is contributing to high fuel bills for many homeowners and a lot of them are taking action to reduce heat loss from their homes. Some are going a step further, they are looking into new heat-retaining glazing and advanced draft exclusion systems. There is no reason why this trend should not continue. Businesses, for those that offer good quality heat-saving windows and doors, will continue to grow.

The housing market effect
There is also business coming from the loft and garage conversion markets. The fact that most people are unable to get a mortgage to move to a larger home is also having some impact on the sales of windows and doors. In some cases, people have cash but do not have sufficient monthly income to secure a bigger mortgage. Others simply cannot sell their house for a good price, leaving them stuck in their current home. Many of these homeowners are having to convert their lofts, garages, and outhouses to make room for their growing families. When they do so they need new windows and doors. When the housing market recovers and houses start to be bought and sold in large quantities, spending on DIY will climb again. At this point traffic to will increase even more.

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