England 19/03/2013 – Despite the recessions many London firms still see being in a central London location as essential.

Increasingly firms in London are opting for serviced offices, West End addresses are proving to be the most popular. They are a good option for several reasons.

The fact that these offices are serviced is important. Firms are opting for serviced offices because doing so saves them a lot of time, and, in most cases, money. Understandably, companies do not want to be bogged down by things like hiring cleaners, security and receptionists. They want to be able to walk into their office and have everything they need at their fingertips. If the internet is down, they do not want to waste half their day getting it sorted. Most firms recognise that having a third party office agent take care of these things makes good business sense.

The West Ends central location is also a big draw
The central location and cache of having a West End address is another reason firms are still attracted to the area. Whilst a lot of business is carried out on the internet, most people like to meet the people they are planning to hire or do business with in the flesh. Very few will sign a major contract without first having a face-to-face meeting. It is still important for firms to make a good impression on potential clients and a West End address certainly helps with this. The standard of offices in the area is very high, so anyone visiting a firm in the area is going to leave a good impression on any potential clients. The fact that they are in central London means that it is very easy for potential customers to get to a firm’s office. Central London is well connected to the rest of the UK by coach, train and road. For international clients there are three airports to choose from, all within 20 minutes of the West End.

Target Space have been providing serviced offices in London for several years and even today, demand for their West End offices is still good. Firms still need a good location from which to do business, even in today’s difficult trading environment.

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