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England 17/08/2012- How Austin Reed’s shirts for men collection has evolved over the years

Austin Reed’s shirts for men have always been popular. Austin Reed have always understood that the fit is just as important as the style.

The firm started in 1900 in Fenchurch Street, London. From the very beginning, they took an innovative approach to menswear. At a time when most men wore, tailored suits they decided to offer a ready to wear range to the public.

Their target customers were London’s many commuters the majority of whom needed formal suits and shirts to wear to the office. Offering these clients a ready to wear option was quite a brave step. After all these were men were used to wearing suits that fitted them perfectly, so selling them clothes that were not specifically tailored for them was a brave step.

However, Austin Leonard Reed believed that he could come up with a range of clothes that fitted well enough to be bought off the peg. He knew that these commuters were busy men and hoped that the convenience of buying readymade clothes would appeal and that the fit would be good enough to satisfy their exacting tastes. It turned out he was right. In just 11 years, he had grown his business enough to open up a shop in London’s main shopping street, Regent Street.

Modern Austin Reed’s shirts for men

The trick he realised was to make shirts and suits in a range of different sizes. However, he went far further than just offering different collar and chest sizing for his shirts. Instead, he broke men down into large, medium and small frames and designed clothes to fit each body type. By providing a range of collar sizes and sleeve lengths for each body type, he produced shirts that fitted just as well as bespoke shirts yet cost far less. Austin Reed still makes their shirts this way, even today. This means that they fit any man. Over the years, they have expanded their range and now offer casual and formal shirts as well as shirts for women. Their range of shirts is continuously growing and evolving to meet the needs of each new generation of men and women ensuring that they remain a popular UK retailer.


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