Hertfordshire, United Kingdom (6th September, 2011) – Mazuma Mobile, company specialising in trading and recycling old and used mobile phones for cash, are expecting there to be a surge of people wanting to trade in their older iPhone generation models when the new iPhone 5 comes out.

Widely speculated to be launched this month, the iPhone 5 is rumoured to incorporate a range of new and improved features when compared with its predecessor, the iPhone 4. Mazuma Mobile predicts that there will be an influx of customers using their website to sell their iPhone 4 for cash as a means of gaining the funds to pay for this latest model.

If a customer’s iPhone 4 turns on and off, is fully-functional, has a working screen, has its battery included and isn’t crushed or water-damaged, Mazuma Mobile is able to accept the handset in both the 16GB and 32GB models. Customers will be able to keep their memory card and charger, potentially both of which will be useable with the new iPhone 5.

“Currently there is a host of different rumours about the hotly-anticipated iPhone 5, particularly in terms of voice control, curved design, HD support and more comprehensive storage. This will undoubtedly lead to an influx of iPhone 4 holders desperate to replace their current model and get their hands on the newer model,” commented a spokesperson for Mazuma Mobile. “We expect a high volume of people will upgrade from their iPhone 4 to 5 and sell their old iPhone 4 to part-fund the purchase of the iPhone 5, and are well-prepared to offer these Apple fans a convenient service and good offer for their iPhone 4.”

For more information on Mazuma Mobile’s cash for phones services, please call 0845 872 3000 or visit www.mazumamobile.com.

About Mazuma Mobile:

Mazuma Mobile is part of the Ventura Telecom Group, specialising in finding new homes for second-hand mobile phones. Mazuma re-homes, on average, 150,000 mobiles per month as one of the leading mobile phone reuse specialists in Europe, and has strong working relationships with many well-known networks, manufacturers, repair centres and retailers. They operate an environmentally-friendly service offering guaranteed satisfaction or money back, same day payment on receipt of phone, free postage, free access to the mobile data delete tool, and SSL secure registration.


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