Finding Commercial Property East Yorkshire is Easy

England 20/04/2012 – Commercial property in East Yorkshire is readily available and if you know where to look you can find a bargain

If you are looking for commercial property East Yorkshire you have a good range of properties to choose from. Many people do not realise just what an industrial area East Yorkshire is. They forget that cities like Hull and York have a strong industrial past and are still developing this segment of their economy today.

In addition, there are many fantastic retail outlets available meaning that finding this kind of commercial property is also easy in the area. East Yorkshire’s proximity to the major metropolises of Leeds and Manchester makes it an attractive place to do business.

Despite the recession, inward investment into the area remains steady. Perhaps the best example of this is the fact Network Rail has increased the number of freight trains into Hulls’ commercial port from 10 to 22. In addition, Hull is also developing its tourist industry. Once again, they are using the port to help them to do this. Over 1 million passengers’ use their ferry service to the continent. In addition, they have also developed the port area to include 270 berths for small yachts and sailing boats.

Commercial property East Yorkshire

Because of the areas industrial past and modern development there are always plenty of industrial units available. However, it is not just big firms which own commercial property in this part of Yorkshire. There are a lot of small manufacturers who own their own industrial units or retail outlets. As conditions change, many of these family firms put up these units for sale or lease and move to other places themselves. Therefore if you are looking to buy commercial property rather than lease it East Yorkshire is a good place to go look.

In addition, you will find plenty of well-established and experienced commercial property agents in the area who can help you to quickly find what you need. A good example of such an agency is Garness Jones who has been providing a full commercial property East Yorkshire service for several decades now.


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