Leicester, United Kingdom (XX March 2011) – Morningside Pharmacy, a UK registered pharmacy operating both online and in chemists across the UK, highlight the necessity for allergy sufferers to invest in allergy relief products.

Following a focus on allergies as a phone-in discussion topic on several BBC radio shows, Morningside Pharmacy wish to highlight the necessity ofallergy relief products during the springtime, when allergies tend to be at their most prevalent and uncomfortable for sufferers.

BBC Radio 4 revealed that the number of allergies in the UK has tripled in the last thirty years, with one in three children suffering from allergies. The radio station also publicised that allergies are becoming more complex and difficult for sufferers to curb, whilst Radio 2 revealed in February that more and more adults are being diagnosed with late onset allergies.

“BBC Radio listeners with allergies phoned in whilst this topic was being discussed, highlighting how difficult it is becoming to cope with their allergies – especially during the spring – and how serious certain allergies can be,” commented a spokesperson forMorningside Pharmacy . “We stock effective allergy relief tablets, decongestants and nasal sprays from the most renowned manufacturers in the industry, including Benadryl, Clarityn Otrivine, Piritize; offering sufferers a solution no matter their preferred method of administration or allergy type, and for varying degrees of severity.

“We invite any allergy sufferers to contact us or drop into one of our pharmacies to view the selection of products on offer. We will be more than happy to offer expert advice to any unsure sufferers about which products would be best for them.”

For more details on the full range of allergy prevention and relief products available from Morningside Pharmacy, please visit http://www.morningsidepharmacy.co.uk/ or call 0845 45 999 65.

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