East Hull Dental Centre Will Sort Your Dental Emergency

13/03/2012 – If you are suffering from out of hours dental pain in Hull, contact east hull Dental Centre for a friendly service.

East Hull Dental Centre offer a brilliant out of hours dental emergency service which will take care of all of your needs when you cannot get to a regular dentist

Dental pain can be absolutely excruciating and anyone who suffers from it just wants to get the problem sorted as soon as possible. Over the counter painkillers are usually pretty ineffective against tooth pain and this means that a visit to the dentist is really what is required when a tooth pain occurs. However, if your tooth pain flairs up out of hours, or if you are not registered to a dentist, then you could find it hard to get the relief you desire.

Luckily, the Hull area is well equipped to deal with dental emergencies and anyone who is suffering from a dental emergency in Hull can get instant treatment by using the out of hours service which is offered by East Hull Dental Centre.

NHS patients can see the emergency dentist at East Hull and it will only cost them the usual NHS dental rates. Many people put off dealing with a dental emergency due to the cost but this is really not a problem and a dental emergency should be dealt with quickly to avoid serious problems.

The East Hull Dental Centre is close to all major transport links, so getting there when you have a dental emergency should be no problem.

About East Hull Dental Centre:

East Hull Dental Centre is an independent family run centre which specialises in offering NHS services. The centre has been established for more than 30 years now and prides itself upon offering a friendly and efficient service to its patients. All of the staff at the centre have been cherry picked for their abilities and undergo a rigorous training process which ensures excellence.

The EHDC run an out of hour’s service which caters to NHS patients who are suffering from a dental emergency.


East Hull Dental Centre

822 Holderness Road

Hull, United Kingdom

Zip: HU9 3LP

Tel: 01482 783611

Fax: 01482 706587

Website: www.easthulldentalcentre.co.uk


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