botonics Plastic Surgery Group Comments on PIP Implant Scare

London, UK, (12th January, 2012) – botonics Plastic Surgery Group, London-based cosmetic surgery specialists, have commented on the recent PIP implant scare.

The French breast implants have caused a health scare in Europe after it was found they have a high risk of rupturing. The problem lies with Poly Implant Prothese, the company which made the implants: their products were banned in 2010 when it was found they were using industrial grade silicone rather than medical grade material.

botonics Plastic Surgery Group have reassured former and potential breast surgery clients that it has never used PIP implants and will always use clinically tested, top quality implants. The implants used at the botonics Plastic Surgery Group are Nagor (manufactured in the UK) and Allergen (manufactured in the USA).

The company are also offering free consultations and price reduction of 25% for implant removal/replacement in consideration of women who have, or suspect they have, PIP implants and cannot get them replaced by their original clinic.

A spokesperson for botonics Plastic Surgery Group: “we always use Nagor and Allergen implants, even though they are the most expensive, because they are the most reputable implants, have the highest safety standards and come with a lifetime free replacement guarantee. We advise anyone who has PIP implants to contact their doctor if they have any concerns. However, we recommend that they are removed or replaced because of their high risk of rupture and the risk of non-medical grade silicone in the body. The problems with PIP implants go to show the importance of placing safety and reputation of the clinic ahead of price when selecting cosmetic surgery.”

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London-based cosmetic surgery clinic, botonics Plastic Surgery Group, have an excellent reputation for clinical care and offer innovative practices and services, which is complemented by skilled specialists in the field of providing medical aesthetic treatments. They can offer free consultations by trained practitioners who will provide realistic advice regarding the treatments you are looking to have. botonics Plastic Surgery Group provide treatments such as botox, breast enlargement, liposuction, vaser and more.

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