Norfolk, United Kingdom (April 15, 2011) – Nets2go, experts in the manufacture of made to measure curtains, blinds and net curtains, highlight their bespoke net curtain and blinds design services.

Nets2go provide customised blinds and net curtains, and reveal that they occasionally receive some rather ‘strange’ requests for printing from customers. Designs requested have ranged from kittens to cartoon characters, rock star Elvis to President Obama, and mountain ranges to tropical beaches. Nets2go aims to meet any requirements in this respect, however unusual.

Nets2go Managing Director Ashley Woodyatt recalls one particular case of an unusual request from a customer. Nets2go received an order for 9 sets of wooden blinds. The customer’s request was quite simple; he wanted a different logo on each wooden blind and he did not mind how this was achieved, whether it be painted, printed or etched on. The customer had one requirement: all the logos must belong to websites.

“I remember at the time that we thought this was a rather strange request and something that we had never received before,” commented Ashley Woodyatt. “We really weren’t sure why someone would want to decorate their home with blinds featuring logos of different websites – maybe a professional internet marketing environment would have been more appropriate for such a request. It definitely seemed quite strange to us – I even remember thinking that my wife would never have this in our home!

“Regardless, our team were able to cater to our client’s requirements and create the nine sets of wooden blinds in fantastic quality. The client was incredibly pleased with the high-resolution results, which we are easily able to replicate for a number of different images. If you are interested in a similar bespoke service, simply contact us for more information.”

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About Nets2go:

Nets2go is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of net curtains, blinds and curtains, offering made to measure products at competitive prices. Nets2go provides great customer service, dedicated telephone support and prompt delivery on all their products, and provide bespoke designs to suit their customers’ precise specifications.

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