Halifax, United Kingdom (25 May 2010) – Harrison Lighting, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of electrical goods and specialists in home lighting, are delighted to announce the addition of the Bell G9 Halogen Adaptor to their broad range of home lighting solutions.

Bell developed the G9 Halogen Adaptor as an alternative to the 40w and 60w GLS’, Golf balls, Candles and Bent Tip Candles, which were banned by the EU as part of its efforts to slash carbon emissions; replacing them with a 35% energy saving halogen fixture.

G9 Adaptors come in a variety of wattages, cap fittings and shapes, and can be bought individually, enabling users to mix and match to suit their needs. On average, they last three times longer than regular light bulbs, are fully dimmable, and reduce both carbon emission and landfill levels by leaving 75% less waste for disposal.

The long lifespan of the Bell G9 Halogen Adaptor also benefits retailers, as they allow for a significant reduction in required stock levels compared with their outlawed predecessors.

“We’re very pleased to add the Bell G9 Halogen Adaptor to our range of lighting solutions,” commented a spokesperson for Harrison Lighting. “As a company we are fully behind the push to reduce carbon emissions, so naturally we were eager to offer a product that is kind to the environment as well being a cost-effective purchase for our valued customers.”

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