London, United Kingdom (23rd January, 2013) – Ovation Incentives, a global performance improvement company specialising in staff motivation and incentive services, announces that their business has been certified by Certification Europe to international standard ISO 27001.

ISO 27001 certification is an information security accreditation designed to demonstrate that within a business, confidentiality, legal compliance, integrity of corporate and customer information and the security of information has been addressed, implemented, and properly controlled.

Having recently been accredited to this standard, Ovation Incentives is now able to offer clients reassurance that the management of confidential information is entirely secure, and that all information security laws are being adhered to.

Ovation Incentives predicts that the certification will also improve their company’s overall success in the future, as it serves as a demonstration of trust and credibility that will entice new clients; allowing the business to broaden its customer base and grow overall.

A spokesperson for Ovation Incentives commented: “The secure management of any information held by our company is essential for the preservation of its confidentiality, integrity and availability; all valuable assets that can easily make or break a business.

“With this new accreditation, Ovation Incentives’ staff and clients alike can rest assured that all confidential information is fully protected, whilst also offering ourselves total confidence that we can now focus on growing the business without worries of a potential lapse in information security.”

“We look forward to fully realising the benefits of receiving ISO 27001 certification in the coming months.”

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About Ovation Incentives:

Ovation Incentives is a multi-award winning, global performance-improvement company specialising in the design, development and management of motivation and recognition campaigns. Founded in 2001, Ovation’s online flagship products include the Universal Voucher System, Reward Manager & Social Recognition platforms, offering incentive solutions across 60 countries worldwide.


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