Kent, United Kingdom, September 13th 2011 — Making money online is the dream of many and while it can prove difficult, time consuming, and expensive to set up a website and run an online business, other opportunities do exist. Paid surveys UK are one such opportunity and these enable the consumer to sit at home, answer simple questions about their spending and living habits, and receive money and vouchers in return.

There is concern over the legitimacy of paid surveys UK opportunities but there are many reputable sources of paying survey opportunities. Legitimate sites will not demand payment for registration and they will offer a reasonable number of surveys on a regular basis to ensure that it is possible to reach minimum payment levels.

Virtually all survey sites and research panels have this minimum payment level and it helps the company to ensure that they keep the interest of their members for longer. Some panels have a low minimum payment value of a few pounds while others, who generally offer slightly higher survey completion rates, have a higher threshold for withdrawing money. Consumers do need to check this level before they try withdrawing.

As well as surveys, other opportunities do exist online for consumers. Companies not only want general opinion from consumers, some are interested in very specific information on products that they offer. Membership of a good quality and reputable paid surveys UK panel may lead to test and keep opportunities. The consumer is provided with a specific product and asked to test it before providing their opinion. In a lot of cases, they are then able to keep the product by way of payment. is a paid free membership site that provides members with details of paid surveys in the UK. There are details of panels that pay as much as £50 as well as panels that offer test and keep surveys. Membership is free and simple, and there are tips on how best to make the most of your paid survey panel memberships.


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