Leeds, United Kingdom May 13th With the first anniversary of the coalition government came a major spotlight on government spending cuts, inflation, and unemployment figures. Many of the public sector job cuts have yet to strike and not only does this mean that employment figures are likely to drop further but it also means that there will be a greater clamour for positions and more competition for executive positions.

The North East is one of the worst hit areas for job losses and while last month saw a small drop in unemployment nationally, the North East unemployment figures rose by 10%. There are some areas for optimism, even in the hardest hit regions, however. The Regional Growth Fund aims to invest £50m of government money into businesses that will create new jobs in the North East while two enterprise zones will also be established in the area.

Unemployment obviously has a negative effect on those concerned. Not only does the individual lose their income but unemployment has been directly linked to depression. Families can suffer when their main bread winner loses their job too. For the executive or professional, though, there is hope.

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