EnglandUnited Kingdom25/5/2011 Experienced gardeners should be familiar with recent press coverage of troublesome slugs. All kinds of plants, and the food that they grow, can be frequently attacked by young slugs that have grown underground. If they aren’t devouring seedlings and bedding plants before they have sufficiently established themselves under the soil, they can often be attacking the leafy parts of plants, chewing holes in ripening strawberries and tomatoes, or covertly nibbling at potatoes buried underground. All of this has occurred more frequently during the recent wet weather.

Fortunately, however, family run gardening goods sellers PlantsByPost.com stock just the product they reckon to be efficient at vanquishing these pesky slugs when your plants are at their most vulnerable. Nemaslug Slug Killer Nematodes pledge to provide, with just one application, control of all common species of small to medium sized garden slugs for at least six weeks. One significant advantage of these Nematodes over chemical pellets is that they continue to work effectively in wet weather, considerably boosting their value to gardeners currently beset by slugs.

Effective and easy to apply protection for plants

Gardeners can easily apply Nemaslug Nematodes using a water can. The Nematodes also leave no unsightly residues, but nonetheless provide protection of plants for at least six weeks, allowing sufficient time for seedlings and bedding plants to establish themselves. The Nematodes can even survive the occasional frost. Few gardeners should expect the unpleasant widespread sight of dead slugs either, as most slugs will die underground.

A spokesperson for PlantsByPost.com stated: “There is a good reason why we stock Nemaslug Slug Killer Nematodes: because they work. Both small and large packs are cheap when purchased through PlantsByPost.com, as is our delivery charge. Our customers can earn coveted Garden Club Points along the way, too! And once the product arrives, they just have to store it in the fridge until use.”

The increased popularity of the World Wide Web (WWW) is likely to see more and more gardeners searching online for products capable of eradicating the nuisance of slugs. This should subsequently see both increased visits to PlantsByPost.com and a rising number of orders for Nemaslug Slug Killer Nematodes.



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