New Plug-In Toyota Prius Cars Offer The Best Of Fuel Economy And Emissions Figures

Shropshire, UK September 10th 2012 — It has proven to be a difficult road for car manufacturers looking for a way to cut both carbon emissions and fuel consumption. Pure plug-in cars typically have low range while hybrid engines enjoy low carbon emissions but do not offer the low fuel consumption that many consumers and car reviewers would expect from the vehicles that are produced. Toyota Prius cars have long been at the forefront of such developments and with the Prius+, a plug-in hybrid, they have seemingly taken the market forward another step.

The Prius+ is a plug-in that also has a hybrid engine. This means that it enjoys the benefits that a plug-in has to offer without the drawbacks. The motor offers 15.5 miles of pure electric drive and it can be plugged in, fully recharging in just 90 minutes from the mains power supply. However, drivers do not have to be restricted to this kind of journey because this is where the hybrid engine collaboration really makes sense.

The Prius+ works in the same way as a hybrid engine too so, as the driver drives, the electric motor is recharged. This means that it can be used for starting and for travelling at low speeds. Where a traditional hybrid would swap from motor to engine once it reaches anything above a crawl, the Prius+ engine will continue using the electric motor up to a speed of 51mph as long as the driver takes some care over how quickly they accelerate up to speed. is a leading Toyota dealer in Shropshire providing access to the full range of hybrid and plug-in cars developed by the Japanese car manufacturing giant. Their website lists all of the available models along with cars from other major manufacturers.


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