England 7/1/2013 – The popular Citreon C4 continues to generate interest from car buyers

Since its release in 2004, the Citreon C4 has been a popular car. It is a small family car, which is categorised in Europe as a C-segment vehicle. It was released as a replacement for the Citroen Xsara, but sales suggest that it appeals to more than that demographic with many retired people choosing the C4 rather than more traditional makes. However, it also appeals to young drivers too.

Exactly why the C4 appeals across such a wide demographic and not just to the family market it was primarily designed for is not clear. Without a doubt, the way it looks has a lot to do with it. The car is quite classy to look at with its sweeping body shape.

Without a doubt, the car’s advanced technology appeals to many. Citroen’s ‘Alive With Technology’ transformer advertising campaign bought a lot of interest from young drivers and men. Its involvement in rallying also appeals to this demographic. However, its main selling point is definitely still its practicality. The car’s manage around 46 mpg with ease and only generate 143 g/km of co2.

The Citreon C4’s awards

The C4’s awards also help. It came second in the 2005 European Car of the Year awards, it also won the 2006 World Car Design of the Year. Since then the car has undergone several changes. In 2008, it was given a facelift and new versions such as the Sedan and Picasso was released. The C4 WRC won the Autosport Rally Car of the Year in 2008 and 2009, and the second generation C4 was awarded an Euro NCAP Advanced Award. This award came as a result of the cars eTouch emergency and assistance system.

The Howards Group have sold the Citroen C4 since the beginning. Sales have been strong across the years, but naturally spiked when the car won awards. The car seems to appeal to a broad spectrum of consumers, so there is no reason why sales should not continue to remain strong in the future.

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