Yorkshire, United Kingdom (March 28, 2011) – Sell Your Yorkshire Home, a UK property market specialist that can facilitate fast house sales in Yorkshire, reveal that mortgage arrears are on the rise as more people struggle to keep up with their mortgage payments.

The Yorkshire Post recently printed an article highlighting that the final quarter of 2010 saw the first increase in the amount of people struggling to pay their mortgage since 2008. The Financial Services Authority are reported to have found that approximately 38,800 homeowners got into mortgage arrears in 2010’s final 3-month quarter, which was a dramatic increase of 6% compared to last year’s third quarter.

Sell Your Yorkshire Home believes that rising expenses for day-to-day essentials combined with job cuts is what is predominantly causing difficulties in adhering to mortgage payments, and that this is leading to an increase in bankruptcy declarations, CCJs and home repossessions. The Yorkshire property-buying company predicts that figures for mortgage arrears will only continue to rise until the economy has become more stable, and are keen to promote awareness of their services for those suffering in these circumstances.

“CCJs can lead to serious financial constraints for families, often leading to complete bankruptcy and even home repossessions are debtors claim back money they are owed,” commented a spokesperson for Sell Your Yorkshire Home. “Should families find themselves facing these hard times due to overflowing mortgage arrears, our company is able to provide in-depth advice and expert valuations of homes; proceeding to make an offer in cash and ensure you don’t have to pay any legal fees at all. We can buy your property quickly to lift this hefty burden, helping families to stay afloat and rebuild their finances for the long-term.”

For more information on Sell Your Yorkshire Home and their fast property sales, visit their website at help@sellyouryorkshirehome.co.uk or telephone 0800 085 0196.

About Sell Your Yorkshire Home:

Sell Your Yorkshire Home is one of the most well-renowned and trusted names in the housing industry. Established in 2006, they are committed to helping people in need in Yorkshire get back on their feet and keeping them away from the dangers of debt, CCJs and repossession. Sell Your Yorkshire Home’s team of experts are happy to offer impartial advice, no obligation quotes and to facilitate property sales in a matter of days.


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