Cheshire, United Kingdom (26th May 2011) – Cheshire-based search engine optimisation specialists, SEO Consult, have begun reviewing the initial impact of Google’s Panda algorithm update on the UK search engine optimisation industry.

The Panda update, which was rolled out in February 2011 across the US and many other English-speaking countries, was designed to improve user experience by promoting original content while penalising sites with large amounts of low quality and duplicated content.  Since the update was announced, SEO consult have been conducting an ongoing review to determine how the algorithm change will impact the SEO services, techniques and methods currently implemented by businesses, SEO agencies and consultants across the UK and beyond.

Despite widespread belief across the SEO community that Panda could have a significant negative impact on many campaigns which use optimised content, SEO Consult still expect the overall effect to be positive for high quality websites and for those who use them.  It is anticipated that the only websites to experience major dips in rankings or authority as a result if this update will be those who rely on duplicate content and scraping. SEO Consult reveal that their investigations and testing so far points towards sites who produce and host original and useful content having every chance of maintaining or improving their current ranking success as a result of Panda.

SEO Consult have an in-house dedicated research and development team whose role it is to ensure their clients receive a range of services which are fully in line with the very latest algorithm updates, to maximise the results that their client’s can achieve.

“At SEO Consult , we make it our business to keep our ear close to the ground when it comes to changes to the search engine algorithms.  Our dedicated research and development team ensure that the services we offer are always reflective of any changes to search engine guidelines and recommendations.” said Matt Bullas, Managing Director of SEO Consult.  “We believe that the Panda update is a positive move for the benefit of website users and our clients, because quality content will always be better for all parties and is something we strongly advocate.  Thankfully, websites who resort to using low quality content farms and website scraping, which offer users very little value, will be the ones penalised.”

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