Hey maybe the electric cigarette and electronic cigarette is not the bad thing here but the cartridges, I’m a smoker for 15 years and I want to quit but can’t bec. I got hooked up…my sis bought me this hoping that I can stop my nicotine intake or lessen it for that matter, I’m bit skeptical because this is a new thing for me, but one thing for sure, whenever I inhale it, I feel something heavy in my lungs…if it is my lungs or heart, that’s why I really am researching on this. So if anybody can draw the line from FDA to strictly regulate the contents of the cartridges but not the e-cigarette. I’ve only been using my e-cig for 5 days, and first and foremost I can breathe, my teeth are back to being white, I love that I don’t smell like an ashtray, and my sense of smell and taste have returned. E-cigs are not as good as not smoking, but better than inhaling tar, ashes and 100+ chemicals. My friend is 75, sweet little old lady & a heavy smoker w/ bad asthma. She simply can’t quit, even tho it’s killing her. A lesser-harm e-cig may save her life. You tell her, nodeal & co., to suck it up and quit cold turkey or die? I’d like to see you tell her that face to face. like I’m looking at what’s inside real cigs, and Formaldehyde, tar, and the same chemical that makes up garbage bags seems worse than what’s in the E-cig…doesn’t all this smack on the e-cig sound like a smear campaign fueled by the tobacco companies… Yeah if I made billions of dollars off death and addiction, I wouldn’t want a healthier alternative (that appears to be the next best thing after quitting) around either

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