Devon has been rated as the fifth most tranquil place to live in UK by the Campaign to Protect Rural England, making the county one of the preferred locations in the UK for buying property. Whatever type of lifestyle you want for you and your family, Devon can cater for it, providing a variety of coastal, urban or rural locations for you to choose from. Exeter and Devon in general are proving to be two increasingly popular places to start a new life.

The thriving city of Exeter is certainly one of Devon’s property hotspots, and one of the most favoured places to live in the UK. Exeter has many different features which never fail to draw people from all over the country. The city has a great atmosphere, with an abundance of shops, bars and eateries, and attractions to ensure its residents never grow tired of the city. It also has a low crime rate which is great for children and the elderly alike. Away from the bustling city centre, Exeter is surrounded by a rich and beautiful landscape of beaches and fascinating rocky areas.

Plymouth, the largest city in Devon, provides its residents with an exciting modern city but also an interesting history, due to its fabulous historic port. Plymouth overlooks one of the world’s biggest natural harbours; and the city has been at the forefront of world maritime exploration for hundreds of years. It has a fantastic location as it lies between moors and sea; and it has a varied nightlife with numerous restaurants and bars. A great quality of life, and some fantastic educational establishments, it should certainly be considered when you’re thinking about moving house.

Your new home
Moving house can be one of the most important times in your life, and deciding where to move to should not be a decision you make lightly. However, when deciding where you want to make your new home you should certainly consider these two prime locations within Devon. Exeter and Plymouth both offer their residents with a variety of benefits – both offering vibrant cosmopolitan cities with history and fantastic scenery. Both cities have good transport links and are easily accessible by air, road and rail.

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