A quality primary education for your children is crucial in equipping them with the basic academic and social skills that are invaluable for a successful future. This is one of the main reasons that families relocate – to be within reach of a primary school for the little ones. Let’s take a look at two of the best around…

Combe Church of England Primary School

This is one of the highest achieving primary schools in the UK, having scored 32.1 KS2 points on its last assessment. It is a small primary school located in Witney, a picturesque West Oxfordshire village.

The school has been included in the Chief Inspectors of School’s Report as an Outstanding School a number of times and has since been awarded Beacon Status as a result of our first inspection report and the high academic standards that the school achieves. The village, which is close to Woodstock town, is an extremely scenic and peaceful place to live and should certainly be considered when deciding where to set up home.

Little Leigh Primary School

This primary school is on a par with Combe Church in terms of achievement, having received three School Achievement Awards for Excellence since 2000. This school is extremely popular and this is reflected in the huge number of applications that the school receives each year. The school has grown and has been upgraded in the past few years and provides networked computers installed with the most modern technology.

Little Leigh is proud to be termed as a ‘Broadband School’ and will continue to move with technological advancements over time. The school is situated in Northwich within the Cheshire Plain. The ‘Vision of Northwich’, instigated by the local council provides a roadmap for an exciting programme of development work into the future, including the building of new homes. It also has a modern shopping centre which attracts many people from the surrounding areas.

Both of these primary establishments are great choices for schools for your children. Their achievements and their high application numbers demonstrate their quality. There are many new houses for sale in and within the surrounding areas that the schools are located. The houses available come with various price tags so you are certain to find something to suit your budget.

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