Each year, large numbers of people choose to move to the country as a means of escaping the pressures and dangers of urban life. The following are some of the best reasons to buy apartment in the country.

The most obvious benefit of moving to the countryside is the large amount of space to explore. There are great opportunities for cycling and long walks as you explore your surroundings. Here in the UK, we have a number of attractive national parks, including the North York Moors, the Lake District, the South Downs and Brecon Beacons. The countryside also frequently plays host to a variety of other outdoor activities, from climbing and watching wildlife to horse riding.

Enjoy Fresh Air

If you move to the country, you will also enjoy plenty of fresh air. The air in the city is polluted with the toxins that are emitted by the high volume of traffic and other sources. In comparison, the city has much less traffic and its air is free of such primary pollutants as particulates, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and volatile organic compounds.

More Relaxed

The countryside is also associated with a slower pace of life than the big city. On the whole, people living in the countryside are much less likely to be employed in the kind of high-pressure jobs that are so strongly associated with urban areas, many of them perhaps being retired. This contributes to an improved community spirit as people have the time to get to know each other better and help each other out.

The countryside also tends to be much more peaceful than the city. There are fewer major roads so you certainly do not have to worry about hearing cars driving past your doorstep constantly and, as the population is lower, there are fewer businesses and fewer city attractions such as nightclubs, restaurants and bars so you are much less likely to be woken up at night by any noise from other people. Indeed, the worst ‘noise pollution’ that you ever experience may be the sound of your neighbour’s lawn being mown.

A Safer Place to Live

The countryside is also generally a safer place to live and this is, again, related to the lower population. Crime in the countryside tends to be much less than in major towns and cities, giving you peace of mind both for yourself and for any children you are raising.

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