London, United Kingdom (24th January, 2013) – Central Health Physiotherapy, one of the largest and most respected physiotherapy companies in the UK, are co-launching new baby swimming classes from the Royal Chelsea Hospital, in partnership with dedicated baby swimming organisation Little Dippers.

The Little Dippers infant aquatic programme is designed to offer children integral water safety-skills, whilst also promoting general health benefits such as stronger heart and lungs, increased muscle development, and improved sleeping patterns.

Lauren Heston, founder of Little Dippers, devised the Little Dippers baby swimming programme over two decades ago, and was one of the first people to introduce baby swimming and its benefits to the British general public.

As per an arrangement made with Central Health Physiotherapy, Little Dippers recently launched their baby swim classes in the Royal Chelsea Hospital pool.

Lauren Heston, founder of Little Dippers, commented: “We consider the pool in the Royal Chelsea Hospital to be one of our premium locations, and are very happy to be teaching our Little Dippers course in this beautiful warm water pool. We are very grateful to Central Health Physiotherapy for giving us this opportunity.”

Natasha Price, Managing Director of Central Health Physiotherapy, commented: “We are delighted to be working with Little Dippers. I’m personally very excited that the pool is now being used by all age groups – it’s a fantastic facility! I’m also extremely pleased to say that its usage has increased enormously and has become hugely popular with surgeons, GPs, the community and also RCH staff.”

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