Swansea, United Kingdom, (1st November, 2011) – Wolfestone Translation, a leading language translation company offering translation and voiceover services across all languages, reveal that they have recently undertaken a significant expansion in their voiceover department.

To accommodate their continuous growth and prevalence in the language translation sector, Wolfestone have purchased another building to house several more recording studios as part of their voiceover translation and recording services. The leading language translation company has also employed three new sound engineers and expanded their multimedia facilities to further facilitate future growth as the company has recently secured large contracts with clients from the e-learning and health sectors requiring voiceover translations.

Wolfestone has invested in state-of-the-art technology, hardware and software, whilst also introducing new training methods to ensure that all relevant members of their team are well-equipped to deliver high quality services to clients.
Wolfestone Director Anna Bastek commented: “Wolfestone listens to customer feedback; proactively adapting to client requests and adding value to existing clients’ contracts. Multilingual voiceover was a natural development for our translation services and we are delighted to be expanding and continually growing in this expansive area; improving the quality of the services we can provide to new and long-term clients.”

For more information on Wolfestone and their language translations, visit their website at http://www.wolfestone.co.uk/ or telephone 0845 000 0083.

About Wolfestone:

Founded by two entrepreneurs from Wales and Poland, Wolfestone is a language services company with the aim of becoming one of the top, most reliable language services provider to the media and also the private and public sector. They provide language translation to and from English, and employ highly skilled, professional translators who are proficient in over seventy different languages and dialects, including French, German, Polish, and Chinese, to name but a few.


Anna Bastek
Wolfestone Translation Ltd.

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