Garness Jones Offers Property Management Hull Landlords Can Profit From

Hull, UK October 12th 2012 – Managing a property portfolio requires that the landlord or property owner undertakes many different roles. While some property owners may be comfortable negotiating leases, collecting rent, and dealing with property maintenance contracts, not all owners are. This is where the use of a property management Hull service can prove especially useful. The agent can complete some aspects of the work that the landlord doesn’t want to so that they can concentrate on their own skills.

Managing tenants means more than collecting rent when it is due, although this is obviously an important factor. While many tenants will pay on time every time, there are those that will habitually struggle to meet the agreement payments. There are also those that will find themselves struggling for one or two months despite having a history of making regular payments on the appropriate date. Dealing with all of these tenants in the correct manner will help improve cash flow by ensuring that rental payments are made on time.

There are other aspects to tenancy management too. Properties should have minimal vacancy time because every day without a tenant is lost potential. There will be times when tenants leave and there is a gap while the next tenant is found and moves in but these times should be kept down to a minimum. This means finding tenants quickly and ensuring that those that are in the property remain there as long as possible.

Garness Jones is a leading Chartered Surveyors operating in the Humber region. As well as managing a list of properties for sale and to rent, they also provide a number of services that are geared towardsthe property owner or landlord; services like tenancy management, maintenance, and dispute resolution.


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