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Swindon, United Kingdom (29th February, 2012) – Bruynzeel, a leading manufacturer of storage solutions for organisations in various sectors and industries, provide a range of electrical storage systems on their website.

Bruynzeel introduces the new Compactus Dynamic and Compactus Dynamic Pro mobile electrical storage systems. This new generation of electrical systems includes mobile cabinets, mobile shelving, and museum storage solutions, and is designed to bring more functionality and security than the existing electric-driven systems.

The intelligent control system incorporates features such as aisle light control, programmable default aisles, access control, time controlled night mode, and power save mode. The menus are available in various languages and the system is designed to put safety first; offering two levels of safety as standard. These are the Motor Current Monitoring System and the Passive Safety System.

The controller on the Compactus Dynamic Pro model has an intelligent 3.5″ LCD touch screen which aims to offer advanced ease of use. Integration with file management software, ventilation provided by time controlled night mode, and energy consumption-reducing power save mode are functions Bruynzeel believe will make an even greater contribution to overall workplace efficiency and performance.

A spokesperson for Bruynzeel commented: “The Compactus series is designed to save our clients’ time and effort, whilst offering the ultimate in convenient and secure storage. We focus on customer satisfaction and how we can best adhere to our clients’ requirements every step of the way, and use our years of experience and advanced technological developments to ensure not only the best in functionality, but also a highly compatible price level for our clients.”

For more information on Brunyzeel’s storage solutions, please visit their website at or call 0800 220 989.

About Bruynzeel:

Bruynzeel is a member of the Constructor Group UK Limited, specialising in storage solutions for offices, archives, libraries and repositories at government institutions, museums, universities, libraries, financial organisations and healthcare organisations. Bruynzeel provides Sysco shelving and cabinets, Compactus mobile shelving and mobile cabinets, as well as other flexible and space saving filing and storage solutions: from the simple to the highly complex, for multinationals as well as local businesses.


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