10 Years on Corioliss Products Have Become Must Have Hair Care Products for Everyone

England – 19/02/2012Corioliss hair styling products are growing in popularity

Corioliss was founded in 2002, primarily to make hair straigteners. At the time, relatively few firms made these products, but at the time, there also was not that much demand. It seemed like an odd product to start with, but it was defiantly the right decision. Over the next few years, hair straighteners went from being a piece of specialist salon equipment to being a must have item for many women across the world. Nowadays, more and men are using them too.

Corioliss straighteners became an almost instant hit with professional hair salons. Right from the start, the firm made their products out of high quality materials meaning that they could take being used constantly for 6 or 7 days a week. However, it is the firm’s attention to detail and use of new technology that has made them so successful, so quickly.

They used titanium in the plates of their straigteners. This helped to conduct heat and more importantly provided a smoother surface than on some other stratighteners. The result of this is no damage to the hair they were used on. They incorporated pro variable technology, which allows the stylist to have complete control over the temperature of the ceramic plates.

Other Corioliss Products

Over the years, they have expanded and now make a range of hair care products. They now manufacture and sell irons, dryers, curlers and a range of accessories.

All of their new products reflect the company ethos of being market leaders, not followers. As a result, all of their products have innovative features, that you do not really see in many of their competitors products. They design their products to stand up to being used every day, with larger, stronger motors in their dryers and many other features.

Modern Men specialise in selling grooming products for men. The products they sell are all top quality, reliable products that work. For them adding Corioliss products to the range that they offer was a natural step because their products tick all of those boxes.


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