Detail2Leisure Offers External Recruitment Strategy Review

London, United Kingdom (27th June 2012) – Detail2Leisure, an established leisure and hospitality recruitment specialist, has announced that they are extending their service to include a strategic review of companies’ external recruitment.

They have worked with various organisations from SMEs to local and global companies in the past to help them improve their external recruitment strategies and, subsequently, assist in helping them attract high calibre potential employees from ground level upwards.

This new service will aim to help improve talent acquisition and employer branding for all organisations, from the smaller developing businesses to larger corporations.

A spokesperson for Detail2Leisure said: “We work extensively with many of the UK’s most successful restaurant and pub restaurant businesses. The success of a company’s recruitment strategy is largely dictated by two factors – their candidate attraction strategy and then the effectiveness of the actual recruitment process. It could be that there are issues that need addressing in either or both of these stages.

“There is no perfect recruitment process, each company is different and has different values and requirements. By working closely with our clients we have had increasing requests to provide consultancy around their recruitment processes, given they understand that we have experience of a wide range of recruitment strategies and can help them either make subtle adjustments to their processes or undertake a complete re-design. Equally we can offer consultancy to deal with one off hiring projects, such as a key senior management appointment or for a completely new role being introduced to the client’s management structure.”

For more information on Detail2Leisure and their hospitality recruitment jobs, visit their website at or telephone 020 7183 2684.

About Detail2Leisure:

Detail2Leisure is a leading leisure and hospitality recruiter committed to helping jobseekers further their career, providing expert advice and continual support to match a company with the ideal candidate. Detail2Leisure works in partnership with UK leading leisure and hospitality companies so they can provide the very best opportunities in popular restaurants, bars and hotel chains.


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