3 Ways to Add Warmth to a Modern Home

Modern Home

Hear us out – modern home styling and interior décor is beautiful, simple, and stylish minimalistic. But the use of neutral colours and angular edges can sometimes result in a cool aesthetic, removing that homely sense and leaving some properties looking more like a show home than somewhere to relax.

One of the biggest motivations behind clients seeking living room pendant lights is a desire to add personality and design flair to their newly modern space – warming the environment and creating a balance between the simple design and a more relaxing aesthetic.

So, in this blog we’re uncovering our three top tips for adding warmth to a modern home or living space – and yes, they’re mainly about light and the use of lighting sources.

Integrate Lights At Different Levels Of The Space

Pendant lights are among some of the most popular fixtures in modern homes, because they combine the functional purpose of the light with the decorative benefits of a standout and focal fitting. But did you know that they are also available as floor-standing designs and table designs – and that combining a few of these styles of light at different levels and on different surfaces can make a space feel much more intimate and cosier?

While ceiling lights provide a single source of light in a room, different light sources create varied tones and intensities which makes a large area feel smaller and more contained – perfect for those open modern homes and living spaces that need a little something special.

Consider Tinted Glass To Soften The Glow From The Bulb

One of the great things about modern light fixtures and fittings is the plethora of different materials – with glass among one of the most used materials in pendant lights and other highly decorative pieces.

Not only is glass versatile and timeless, but it is also available in a range of colours – with tinted glass a quick and easy way to completely transform not only the look of the light fitting itself but also the glow of light which comes from that fitting. A pendant light with darkened or rose-tinted glass can instantly soften the surrounding space and add warming tones to the white surfaces and walls around.

Choose Warm Metallics

You will notice when you browse any collection of light fittings that they almost always use metallic particularly pendant lights which require a foundation or base from which to suspend the different bulbs and details.

Choosing a warm metallic like gold or rose gold, as opposed to black, white, or even silver, can do wonders for the atmosphere of your space – exhibiting a softer glow which lends itself to a sunnier vibe.

Finding your perfect light fixture can mean the difference between a stylish but bland interior space, and somewhere that truly feels like home. Check out your local lighting supplier for more inspiration and advice on selecting the right piece for you.

John Watson

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