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England – 10/5/2012 – Thousands benefitting from a service that’s determined to play fair

Over the last few years, many people have found that they have been able to make much-needed extra cash for gold by trading in such unwanted items, and those looking to seek a reputable company that will purchase their gold from them for a great price are urged to get into contact with Cash4MyGold, a highly-respected high street name that pride themselves on working with their customers to pay the highest possible prices for these items – helping them to get rid of surplus items that they no longer need whilst enabling them to benefit financially in the process. Many people are unaware of the value of gold-based items that they may have in their possession, and a high number of people have come to find that the value of the sale they make is much higher than anticipated – helping to pay bills, or even fund holidays and suchlike. People trading their cash for gold have found that their transactions have made a big difference to their lives, and when they have had no real use for the items, they have found the sums provided to them by exchanging them for cash to be hugely beneficial.

With Cash4Gold, the price you get for the gold will always be determined by the carat of the gold alongside the weight of the gold in the items alongside the current international gold price at the time of the sale, meaning that the process is completely transparent, and there are no hidden fees or other such trickery at play. When people send their gold, the only time they will be charged is if no gold is found in the items when they reach the company after posting, as Cash4MyGold will incur a charge to return to them to you.

Trade unwanted gold for a handy sum

Those concerned about safety when sending their gold are reassured that the special delivery service that has been set up by Cash4MyGold, alongside the Royal Mail means that insurance is in place up to the value of £500, whilst those sending gold items of more than this value are advised to approach the Post Office for additional insurance. Interested parties looking for cash for gold should visit the website at http://www.cash4mygold.co.uk/ or call 0808 9000 881.


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