All Inclusive Holidays to Benidorm Soar in Popularity

In the first three quarters of 2011, there was a 37% year-on-year rise in all inclusive holidays to Benidorm.*

Overall British holidaymaker numbers to the popular Spanish resort also rose from just over 180,000 in summer 2010 to an impressive 204,000 in 2011.

While all inclusive holidays to Benidorm won’t appeal to everyone’s tastes, there is clearly a demand.

In the rest of this article we’ll cover some of the main reasons behind this seismic shift in the popularity of all inclusive holidays to Benidorm.

  • Budgets

All inclusive holidays are undoubtedly growing in popularity due to the financial constraints faced by many UK households.

Holiday costs can easily run of out control if you don’t book an all inclusive break. Eating and drinking out can be a burden on your wallet, especially if you’ve got a young family and only a certain amount to spend.

Anything that’s available for a fixed price in the current economic climate is going to appeal to consumers. With many people facing the threat of redundancy, all inclusive holidays provide some peace of mind that a budget won’t be blown out of the water in Benidorm.

  • Popularity

In terms of all inclusive holidays, Benidorm will be seen by many as a safe bet. It’s been popular with UK holidaymakers for decades, there’s no need to learn any of the local language, and it provides plenty to do in one place for children and adults alike.

When times are tough financially, people prefer to stick to what they know, rather than take risks. This principle applies to holidays as well as other parts of life.

All inclusive holidays to Benidorm are cheap, a short flight from the UK and many British families have been travelling there year on year for a long time. These things combined with the lure of all inclusive food and drinks make Benidorm an easy choice for many families who want a holiday without breaking the bank.

  • Value for money

Traditionally, UK holidaymakers like to indulge when they’re away from home. All inclusive holidays to Benidorm are great value for money. They don’t cost a fortune to book and with main meals and drinks included in the price, they come in a lot cheaper than if you were to go and eat out in a restaurant or cafe three times a day.

As economic uncertainty continues across Europe, all inclusive holidays to places like Benidorm could be set to rise in popularity even further in 2012 and beyond.


Author Bio: The co-operative travel has all inclusive holidays to a range of resorts in Spain, including Benidorm. Holidaymakers are advised to book early as the rise in popularity means there may not be many last minute holidays to the busiest resorts next summer.


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