Alloy Wheels As Standard

England – 09/03/2012 -More and more car manufacturers are fitting alloy wheels as standard

Alloy wheels used to be something for boy racers, but over time, they have become almost main stream. More and more car manufacturers are launching models, which come with alloy wheels fitted as standard. Just take a look at some of the most recent car launches and you will see what we mean.

Even car manufacturers who have built up a reputation for offering affordable cars are launching models fitted with alloys. A recent example of this is Hyundai who launched their i30 complete with alloy wheels, cruise control and many other items, which were previously only available as extras. Admittedly, this is one of their top end vehicles, but the fact that it comes with alloys fitted as standard rather than as an extra is a slightly different marketing technique.

In developing economies, they are still seen very much as a status symbol. This is something that car manufacturers are wising up to and are clearly bearing in mind when they launch new vehicles into these markets. Up until 5 years ago, few manufacturers launched cars into these emerging markets with alloy wheels fitted as standard. This has now changed. For example only this week Mitusbishi launched their Pajero Sport in India complete with 17-inch alloy wheels fitted as standard.

Retrofitting alloy wheels remains popular too

Sales of new sets of alloy wheels also continue to improve. Some of these sales are coming from people replacing existing wheels that have shattered or been damaged. However, this kind of sale accounts for only a fraction of the market. Those people who have damaged alloys on their cars are just as likely to get them repaired, as they are to buy a new set of wheels. The majority of sales are still coming from people who want to give their existing car a fresh look.

Boundary Car Care has been selling alloy wheels for over a decade. They have seen these wheels move from being a specialist item that only appealed to a small percentage of people to a main stream product, which everyone wants.


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