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England – 12/5/2012 – Customers struggling to get help elsewhere urged to come forward

In these economic times, it’s easy for people to find themselves short of cash even if they had never struggled financially before, and customers who need money urgently can benefit from securing a loan against their vehicles through a logbook loans company. London Logbook Loans are one of the main players in their field, and provide the ability for their customers to access money within as little as an hour. When people have bills to pay, or other financial obligations but have been refused elsewhere, an alternative opportunity can be a Godsend.

Applying for a logbook loan is easy and can be done using a variety of methods. The most popular way of doing this currently is online, and there are only a few details to fill in, meaning it’s only a matter of minutes before an application can be put in place. Quotes are sent back to the customer the same day, meaning the time taken between the initial application and the acquisition of the funds is a very short period indeed.

Customers who would like to enter into a loan but are reluctant to be tied to a financial agreement for a long period of time can rest assured that the majority of loans are usually paid back within a very short time scale, and with London Logbook Loans, the car remains with the customer at all times, unlike with some of the logbook loan companies on the market. There are no charges for early repayments either. Short-term logbook loans mean that interest is kept to a minimum and therefore the whole process is a painless one geared up to give customers independence and freedom.

Bad credit history not a problem whilst discrimination no issue

People with a bad credit history are not discriminated against with London Logbook Loans and each case is judged on its own merit. Much debt is accrued through wider social circumstances these days and bed credit is not something London Logbook Loans will hold against prospective customers. With the opportunity to retain complete use of the car for the duration of the loan, the benefits are numerous.


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