ANS Group Europe’s NEC Birmingham Project Goes from Strength to Strength

Chichester, UK (9th October, 2012) – ANS Group Europe, leading designers of indoor and outdoor living walls, are pleased to report that their living wall at the NEC Birmingham is enjoying great success, three years after it was erected.

The vertical green wall planting was introduced in January 2009, when the entrance to the Plaza at the NEC Birmingham underwent renovation; ANS Group Europe was approached after dealing with the landscape architect on various other projects. The process involved: the design of a purpose-made external support frame which would be totally screened by the planting; the incorporation of plant species suitable for the local environment, which would be a constant feature throughout the year; an irrigation and feed system to sustain the wall long-term, and efficient surface draining to clear any minor run-off.

As the wall was supplied fully-established – standard practice for ANS Group Europe – it instantly provided several key benefits: acting as a sound barrier from the main London-to-Birmingham railway line (which runs directly behind it); purifying air from nearby road and rail traffic, for natural CO2 reduction; re-establishing nature to the area by providing feeding and nesting possibilities; screening from adjacent car parks, and serving as an external eating area, with steel lighting panels for evening and nocturnal use.

The grounds caretaker said: “The living wall provided an interesting and unique screen to the LG Arena. With the main railway line running right past, it used to be extremely noisy at certain times; however, the wall has massively improved this. It’s also turned it into a nice place to eat your lunch!”

Joel Nash, Marketing Manager for ANS Group Europe, said: “We recently visited the NEC Birmingham to check up on our living wall, and we’re delighted to see that it’s had an incredible effect on the location, aesthetically and environmentally. Each and every project we undertake is given great care and consideration to ensure it suits the environment’s unique character and requirements; the NEC Birmingham was a challenge, but we’re thrilled to see just how successful the results have been. We hope it continues to bring such fantastic benefits for many years to come!”

For more information on ANS Group (Europe) and their living walls, visit their site at or call +44 (0)845 505 5555.

About ANS Group (Europe):

With wide-ranging expertise in all areas of horticulture and planting design, ANS Group (Europe) is passionate about supplying the best indoor and outdoor living walls. They offer flexible packages which are tailored to each client’s specific requirements, with a variety of diverse design techniques at their disposal. They also provide regular maintenance visits to ensure all living walls remain healthy and looking at their very best.


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