Despite “Making £9,000 In An Hour,” The Apprentice Star “lottie lion onlyfans” Was Still Smiling After A Week.

lottie lion onlyfans

Even though she said she could make £9,000 in an hour on the X-rated site, Lottie Lion quit OnlyFans after only a week.

Following the leak of several of her posts, the 23-year-old former trainee candidate said she would not be posting any new material.

She wrote, “Hey guys, I’m not going to do anything else because everything I post here was leaked on Reddit.”

lottie lion onlyFans after only a week, even though she said she could make £9,000 in an hour on the X-rated site.

It made things worse for everyone, and I’m sorry, but I can’t deal with it anymore.

“Those who bought PPVs will continue to work with me, and I’m also willing to do work with other people; send me a message if you’re interested.”

Lottie told The Sun this week that she won a huge amount of money in her first hour on the site.

“It was an easy choice to start selling my photos,” she said. I couldn’t say no because it was so asked for.

“As a model for lingerie companies, I often try to post more sexy content than Instagram lets me.” I’m good at business, so I know that people will pay for these pictures.

“When I see it as the same as posting a bikini picture, why would I miss it?” I’m a very open young woman who lounges around in the sun without a top on on the beaches of the South of France. “That?’ If you’ve got it, why not show it off?”

In 2019, Lottie was on the 15th season of The Apprentice and became a very popular contestant.

He couldn’t be on the spin-off shows. You’re Fired and You’re Hired after other candidates officially complained.

This comes after Lottie told The Sun this week that she won a huge amount of money in her first hour on the site.

She also went out with another contestant, Lewis Ellis, after meeting on the set in Finland.

Besides that, he started OnlyFans after leaving the show to get back at Lord Sugar for calling his tattoos “awful.”

Lewis told The Sun, “People talked a lot about my body and how gross my tattoos were when I was on Apprentice.”

“Lord Sugar kept his promise.” But I will show my body if I want to.
She also started dating another contestant, Lewis Ellis, after they met on the set in Finland.

“No one should be able to tell other people how they should dress and look.”

It comes after it was announced that contestants on the next season of The Apprentice couldn’t sleep with each other.

It is said that a part of his contract forbids “any intimate physical contact and/or sexual activity” between contestants and team members on the BBC show.

Several contestants have been in relationships in the past. James White and Jade English started dating in 2017, Harrison Jones and Michaela Wain had a baby together in 2018, and Philip Taylor and Kate Walsh were interested in each other in 2009.

Sun: “Any antics could affect how well candidates do in the boardroom,” said a source.

“Getting Lord Sugar to be your business partner is what the show is all about, not finding your life partner.”

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