Staffordshire, United Kingdom (January 28 2011) – Bags Defined, a leading online retailer of handbags, cross body bags and clutches, have revealed what they predict will be the most popular trends for handbags in the New Year.

Representatives from the online bags retailer visited the Pure London event in August 2010; a trade show which showcases full collections of women’s wear fashion brands taken from catwalk and retail exhibit stands. This gave the company the opportunity to view handbags from over 150 top brands, all of which offered their own unique perspective on which different colours, styles and shapes offered the most aesthetic appeal.

More specifically, the Bags Defined representatives found that the brand collections for spring and summer 2011 mainly contained classic, neutral coloured shoulder bags and satchel styles. The company believes this is due to the versatility of the satchel’s classic style, and the ability for the long strap of these shoulder handbags to rest by the wearer’s hip bone comfortably.

“Attending events such as the Pure London trade show is essential if we are to remain on the cusp of fashion trends for the coming seasons. It is therefore crucial that a fashion-based retailer such as ourselves makes a point of becoming actively involved in discovering what’s set to be hot, and what’s not, in order to be successful in our sector,” commented a spokesperson for Bags Defined. “The neutral-colour leathers and fabrics, such as canvas and straw, seem to be the predominant trends in focus for the current season; whilst spring and summer are predicted to see a rise in the amount of bright and multi-coloured bags being worn. We will ensure that our these discoveries from attending Pure London will reflect in the bags we stock throughout 2011, and hope to become our customers’ go-to resource for the most fashionable and stylish handbags – whatever the season.”

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About Bags Defined:

Bags Defined offer UK and international delivery on designer shoulder, leather, cross body, clutch, and many more types of bags on their website. With renowned designers Mischa Barton, Miss Sixty, Fiorelli, Oushka, Fossil and a host of other designers showcasing their bags on the site, Bags Defined are able to provide bags for every occasion and all personal preferences.


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