CSC Add 17 Sites to Northern Ireland Network

Co. Armagh, United Kingdom (21 January, 2011) CSC, leading UK and European provider of fuel card services, have added a further 17 sites to their network in Northern Ireland, demonstrating an extensive degree of growth.

CSC have been a popular and leading fuel card network in Southern Ireland, but now they have increased their Northern Ireland site coverage from 5 to 95 during the past 2 years. A significant number of their customers are from Northern Ireland, and while most of them fill up in Southern Ireland, CSC felt it was also necessary to have facilities for them to have the option to fill up locally.

As CSC’s large expansion in such a short time shows, fuel cards have become increasingly popular with drivers. Businesses can benefit from these as cards can be passed on to employees who need to drive for work, or need to use a company vehicle, and private users can use them as a faster and more convenient way to get fuel without having to carry cash.

“Our success in Northern Ireland has been astonishing, and these 17 new sites are testament to that,” said Craig Anderson of CSC. “These will make a great addition to our Northern Ireland network, and our nationwide chain of 1200 sites. Our Northern Ireland customers will now be able to fill up using their fuel cards easier than ever, and will have less travelling to do to find one of our sites.”

To find out more about CSC’s expanding network of fuelling stations, their European fuel cards and other fuel card services, go to or ring 02838 842832.

About CSC: is owned by CSC Group. CSC Group is a family-owned business, which currently owns one of the largest fuel card providers in Ireland and continues to grow, with annual turnover of 40 million litres of fuel.


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