London, United Kingdom (18 February 2011) – Wellicious, a leading provider of sophisticated yoga clothing and loungewear, comment on Barbara Becker’s recent appearance wearing an item from their range of yoga clothing.

Barbara Becker, former wife of tennis ace Boris Becker, was wearing Wellicious ¾ yoga trousers during a shoot for a Qigong video. Qigong is made up of various Chinese systems of training the mind and body for health, martial arts and self-enlightenment. The ¾ yoga trousers are just part of the women’s yoga clothing available from Wellicious, and are designed specifically to provide maximum comfort and manoeuvrability while performing yoga, as the body needs to hold a number of flexible positions.

“We aim to make our yoga clothing comfortable and stylish, so that women practicing movements can be as flexible as they need to be without being hindered by clothing,” says Heike Schnell, Managing Director of Wellicious. “To have Barbara Becker wearing our yoga clothing for her video shoot in Miami is wonderful, as it means our fantastic range will be brought to a whole new audience. We hope that her video is a great success, and look forward to seeing it.”

For more information about Wellicious and their selection of yoga clothes, visit their website at or telephone 0207 221 6996 during office hours.

About Wellicious:
An original London-based label, Wellicious are eco-friendly and specialise in providing customers with high-quality yoga clothing and loungewear. Founded by seasoned traveller Heike Schnell, she got tired of searching for comfortable and attractive yoga clothing and decided to create her own brand. Wellicious supply a sophisticated, stylish and cozy clothing collection made from high-quality fabrics and materials, as well as supplying wellbeing products such as organic teas, lavender eye masks and anti-ageing pillows.


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