England – 28/12/2011UK based health centre ‘reCentre-health’ specialises in physiotherapy to aid recovery from all manner of injuries, and now offers a 5% discount on a client’s first physiotherapy appointment.

Physiotherapy has long assisted athletes and non-athletes alike in their recovery from a wide range of muscle, ligament, bone and joint injuries, making for quicker and easier rehabilitation, healing and pain relief. By enlisting a reputable health centre to provide you with hands-on physiotherapy assessment and treatment, you can look forward to effective relief from musculoskeletal dysfunction and pain.

The effectiveness of physiotherapy can be attributed to the way in which it stimulates and improves the body’s own natural healing mechanisms whilst negating the need for medication… and when it is done right, it helps to prevent further damage or the reoccurrence of injury. Indeed, it is to ‘do physiotherapy right’ that the renowned South London health centre, www.recentre-health.co.uk, exists. Indeed, users of the reCentre-health website can presently get a 5% discount on a first physiotherapy assessment, subject to availability.

A high standard of physiotherapy assessment and treatment

It is normally possible to book a physiotherapy appointment with reCentre-health in the Balham and Tooting areas of London within 24 hours, with appointments being available from 8:15am to 9pm, Monday to Friday, as well as from 9am to 4pm on Saturday. When clients do make their booking with reCentre-health, they can expect physiotherapy treatment that encompasses a wide range of methods for a similarly wide range of potential conditions, including neck and back pain, prolapsed disc, whiplash, sciatica, frozen shoulder, hip pain, muscle imbalance, postural dysfunction, sports injuries and more.

A reCentre-health spokesperson stated: Whatever your reasons for seeking physiotherapy treatment, whether you are suffering from headaches, repetitive strain injuries, joint conditions or something different entirely, you couldn’t choose a better health centre than reCentre-health. And now, physiotherapy treatment is even more affordable, thanks to the 5% discount that we have made available to our first-time clients browsing the web.”

With so many people choosing to use the Internet these days to search for a health centre that can provide the highest standard of physiotherapy assessment and treatment, www.recentre-health.co.uk would appear to be in a strong position to make the most of the resultant demand over the coming months and years.



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