England – 05/09/2011British house builder paves the way for first time buyers to own new build houses

One of Britain’s top house builders is maximizing the governments scheme to help first time buyers get onto the property market by offering to front up 10% of the deposit themselves. The innovative ‘FirstBuy’ scheme will see first time buyers in the UK snapping up new build houses with as little as a 4% deposit to raise themselves.

The scheme matches the government’s first time buyer scheme, which also puts up 10% of a first time buyers deposit, leaving the buyers to finance the remaining 76% of the purchase price with a mortgage. The scheme has been designed to get first time buyers into high quality new build houses without the inconvenience of having to raise tens of thousands of pounds up front. Full details of the scheme and the houses currently available can be seen at www.redrow.co.uk.

Opening the door to new build houses

Redrow have a national reputation for building excellent, high quality housing which is designed to blend into the local community whilst still offering all the benefits of new build homes. The higher efficiency of these properties means the buyers will be benefitting from lower fuel bills and the quality of the build will leave little to no maintenance for the buyers to do during the first few years.

Speaking on behalf of the company, a Redrow Homes agent commented, “This is the perfect solution for people who were previously priced out of the housing market. It makes far more sense for young first time buyers to be housed in new, low maintenance housing than for them to try to find time to do up a wreck, as well as trying to launch their careers and possibly raise a family.”

The developer is building homes all over the UK and specializes in allowing buyers to add a touch of personalization to their property. Buyers signing up at an early stage will be able to choose a multitude of finishing touches, from tiles to positions of plug sockets. With a 10 year NHBC guarantee on all the new build houses developed by Redrow, buyers can be safe in the knowledge that their investment is protected and their home will be trouble free. Full information at www.redrow.co.uk


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