Bristol, United Kingdom (February 18 2011) – 3663 Catering Equipment details a round-up of the most efficient and useful timesaving equipment around, including items that sport green credentials, are simply the most wizardly by being practical and easy-to-use, and options appropriate to use if space is limited.

Barrie Wood comments: “At peak times of the day, pub chefs can be under pressure to deliver quality meals quickly, so it is no wonder that they choose to invest in key pieces of catering kitchen equipment to help them work more effectively and save time where possible.

“We stock a range of hardworking, durable catering equipment products that aim to help pub chefs save worktop space, energy and time, freeing them up to concentrate on what matters most – the customers’ needs.

“Kitchen preparation equipment, such as processors, helps chefs deal with the important stage between fresh food coming into the kitchen and being made ready for either cooking or direct service into pubs. Processors are at the heart of food preparation equipment in the commercial kitchen and are generally seen as ‘time-saving gems’ that are practical and easy to use.

“Take our Sirman TM1 Vegetable Processor, for example. With four discs to slice, grate, dice and cut, this versatile vegetable processor is capable of preparing up to 220kg of fresh vegetables, fruit and more each hour. Thanks to its compact design the machine is easy to install inside every kitchen, and the exclusive feeding system makes it easy to process soft products such as mozzarella cheese too. The motor even stops when the level is lifted and the machine does not start if the cover is not in place[1].

“Another useful piece of catering equipment for pub kitchens is pull-down grills, which are popular for browning cheese-topped dishes, including paninis; inexpensive, high-profit snacks that can attract a wider customer base at lunchtimes.

“Ideal for cooking paninis, fried eggs and omelettes, the Roller Majestic VCFFT Ceramic Contact Grill[2] is built around a vitro ceramic infrared heating system to bring energy efficient cooking to your kitchen. By cutting the heat-up times and halving the overall power, this contact grill can bring real savings to businesses. The smooth glass plate, flat top and bottom gives direct heat transfer to your food making the cooking process quicker and healthier.”

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