23rd March 2011 EXPERTS in female hair loss have opened a new studio in Glasgow to help women who suffer from alopecia, trichotillomania or hair loss after treatments such as chemotherapy.

Hair Solved was launched in London by Lucas Sojka in 2007 and offers a bespoke solution to women who have lost their hair. Now, the company has studios in Manchester and Glasgow.

Lucas Sojka, managing director, Hair Solved said:

“There are a huge number of women who suffer hair loss in Scotland who suffer hair loss and we can give these women the confidence of having a full head of natural hair.

“Our client base in London has been growing consistently since we launched, with people travelling from Scotland to reach us. We decided to choose Glasgow as a more convenient location for our clients in Scotland. We offer a system which is unique and really helps increase the confidence and appearance of women when they need it most.

“Many of our clients have had negative experiences of wearing wigs and, considering some of our customers are young girls who are attending school, it’s just not a solution for most.

“Our bespoke system – The Enhancer – allows females to enjoy the benefits of a natural head of hair. They can wash, style and colour it as you would with normal hair. This freedom works wonders for their confidence and will not hinder their natural hair growing back.”

Hair Solved will be recruiting up to 10 people over the coming months as the business continues its growth.

Visit www.hair-solved.com for further details.

Hair Solved has developed one of today’s most innovative solutions for female hair loss, one which can change your life forever.

If you suffer from any form of hair loss – alopecia, genetic thinning, trichotillomania (hair pulling), even hair loss caused by chemotherapy or an accident – Hair Solved can help you.

Our unique and advanced technique of non-surgical hair integration can be used with any existing length of hair. Hair Solved can transform the appearance of even the most severe condition to help you regain your confidence and enjoy a new lease of life.

Website: www.hair-solved.com

Twitter: @HairSolved