Business Telephone Systems Continue to Evolve

England 12/04/2012 – Business telephone systems have changed drastically over the years and look set to continue to do so

As the needs of businesses continue to change business telephone systems also continue to change. Years ago, when everybody was more or less permanently based in the office a simple telephone system was fine. The receptionist took the calls and if the person was not in the office, either the secretary or receptionist simply took a message. Nowadays, many firms do not have either receptionists or many secretaries and more and more people are spending the vast majority of their day on the road or working from home. As a result, things like call forwarding, voicemail and being able to set an out of office message are essential in a modern business telephone system.

However, perhaps the biggest change has been the fact that business phone systems have had to cope with data as well as voice and fax. In fact, the vast majority of communication is now carried out using data. This meant that business telephone systems have evolved to include the Internet.

In the current economic climate companies need the ability to quickly change how their telephone systems operate. If they are lucky enough to be growing they may need to avail themselves of a wider range of services. However, if they are undergoing a period where there is less work they may need to cut back on certain telephone services. The needs of businesses have changed drastically; therefore so have business telephone systems.

VoIp business telephone systems are set to be the norm

Old-style landline based business phone systems have been overtaken by VoIP systems. There are many reasons for this. Perhaps the primary reason most people think of is that VoIP systems are considerably cheaper. However, the fact that they are also infinitely more flexible and easy to adjust to a business’s specific needs is now the main reason many firms are swapping to this new form of phone system.

Avandda have found that demand for VoIP business telephone systems are significantly increased in the past few years. They expect this trend to continue.


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