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12/03/2011 – Go to AutoCare for affordable car repair you can trust.

When your car breaks down or develops a fault, finding a company who can take care of your car repair can be a nightmare. Most people will have heard many horror stories about the terrible service and rip–off garages which charge extortionate prices for services they sometimes did not even carry out and this makes a great number of people very nervous when they need to take their car in for repair.  Luckily, there are some good car repair companies out there and AutoCare are one of the best.

When you take your car to AutoCare for repair, you can rest assured that your car’s problem will be truthfully diagnosed and repaired at a fair and affordable price. Whether your car needs extensive repair or you are just looking to have it serviced to ensure smooth running. AutoCare should be your first port of call for a friendly, reliable and affordable service.

AutoCare operate several regional centres in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, so wherever you are located, it is very likely that you will not be very far for a great car repair service that you can trust.

AutoCare only use quality parts in their car repair services and the parts they use are also branded ones which are recognised for their quality, so there is no chance of your car repair being dodgy when you deal with AutoCare

About AutoCare:

AutoCare is a network of car repair and service garages that operate extensively in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. They believe in carrying out high quality car repairs at a fair price.  Each of their garages satisfies strict criteria with high standards of workmanship to be part of the network. The company utilise all of the latest cutting edge technologies and only parts of the highest quality to ensure that their car repair is of the highest possible standard. All of their staff receives on-going training so that they can deal with any problem your car may have in the most up to date and professional way possible.


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